Nick Statman shares the list of Top 5 Cities with the Most Expensive Property Prices in the World (per sq meter). The Most Expensive Cities are: 5: Moscow 4. New York  3: Hong Kong 4: London 5: Monaco #NickStatman #NicholasStatman
Nick Statman on top 5 Useful Apps for Property Investors- The modern property investor relies heavily on technology to do their job effectively. They use their phones, laptops, and tablets to check email, schedule meetings, post on social media, read up on local market trends, crunch numbers, and analyze data. Success in this industry comes down to time management, organization, effective communication, and the...
Property #NickStatman on Property Investment- Everyone wants to know the secret formula to becoming a successful property investor. Everyone wants a clear, ten-step program that tells them exactly what to do to dramatically grow their property portfolio and reach millionaire status. Unfortunately, there's no set path. There's no magic formula or secret system; it's all about trial and error. It's all about hustle and...

Nick Statman

Nicholas ‘Nick’ Statman entered the property industry in 2001 and set up a property buying company that quickly established itself as one of the biggest in the sector. During this time the Company successfully transacted on thousands of residential properties across the UK. Nicholas Statman was an early pioneer of the ‘quick sale’ niche market which has since grown considerably with a multitude of companies now operating in the sector. Nicholas Statman has strategically built a sizeable residential and commercial property portfolio with a view to holding for optimum capital growth and a long term passive income. Nicholas Statman has been involved in almost every aspect of the property sector over a 20 year period – this includes buying and selling, development, letting and management and is now involved in the fast growing online/ hybrid Estate Agent industry.

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